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At SECURE SPACE STORAGE… we go the extra mile to tune used units to our minimum standard. “Through the shop” means we Jack the roof to restore it as close as possible to its original condition that will shed water. The goal is we never want to have a big puddle of water in the roof day after week after month. That seems like a no-brainer, but I can’t begin to count the times I’ve lifted a container and a large wave of water spills off one side or the other.

The truth is when the used units are stacked in depots and on ships all around the world oftentimes the top gets pushed in and we jack it back up before it goes to our customers. Next, we thoroughly inspect the unit and repair any holes, cracks, or weak spots that could soon become a hole or leak. The last thing we do to make certain the unit meets our minimum SECURE SPACE STANDARD is tune and lubricate the doors to make sure they function properly. I have seen many units where the doors were so rusted and/or full of saltwater corrosion that it took two men to open and close them. We have a diligent crew yet despite our best efforts occasionally a pinhole is found that we missed. Should that be the case DO call us and we will send a technician to repair it.

Numerous factors can have a significant impact on how the unit will fit the buyer needs and goals. What modifications are available, affordable, and effective for the buyer’s intended use?

Please accept that I am very sincere when I ask what can we do for you? At SECURE SPACE SOLUTIONS we like a creative challenge that often takes us past our comfort zone.

Our shop people DO the job!

Things to Know About Sizes:

Almost always the buyers first question iswhat are the sizes?” To begin the subject of sizes I nearly always talk about height first. Shipping containers (aka Connex boxes) have been standardized worldwide to meet mandatory dimension specifications. Nearly always and herein, dimension specifications are referenced as outside measure.

All common Connex boxes fall under just two categories, “high cube or standard.” The standard (STD) is 8’6’’ tall outside and high cube (HC) units are 9’6”(just one foot taller inside and out).

Connex boxes are 8 feet wide outside and are 20’, 40’, and 45’ feet long. There are numerous uncommon and/or rare boxes that are exceptions to the rules I have stated above. For example, 45’ foot boxes are common however I’ve never seen a standard 45-foot box. The inside usable length of all shipping is about 6” less than its outside length. FYI, see this size chart but DO call and we’ll always do our best to help, 541-479-5750.

Most often I recommend the high cube units to anyone considering them for housing, cabins, garages, shops or other uses where people will be living or working inside. The high ceiling allows for lights, fans, hanging hooks, etc. and most importantly a little extra room for insulation. They say (and I don’t know who they are) it’s been proven that people do better (l assume do better means happier) when they have more headroom. To that I recall that on a few occasions I worked under low ceilings and it was indeed unpleasant in numerous ways. I recall the feeling of having to stay bent over and that was unacceptable for sure.

About the New 'One Trippers'...

Appearance and size are most often the first considerations. Yet numerous factors can have a significant impact on how the unit will fit the buyer needs and goals. What modifications are available, affordable, and effective for the buyer’s intended use? As you read and consider the one trip units please accept that 1000s of used units are being used very effectively and for a lot less cost.

In early 2014 new one trip units started filtering into the West Coast of the United States. These units are made in China and used only one time (one trip across the ocean) and then sold on the American domestic market as a “new one tripper.” Quite factually these units are exceptionally nice and are normally only a few months old. Containers have a stainless-steel ID Plate on the left door that has info about the manufacture and the date (normally the Month & Year) when it was made. These are as good as you can buy. They come in 20 and 40ft standard and high cubes. Often, we have or can order 45ft high cube one trip units and for sure they are extra nice, but they sell for a little over $8000. plus, delivery.

Many of the one trip units have unique patented features that are very desirable such as a single handle easy open door. Some have double doors on each end others have factory side doors. Special order units can also be 7ft, 8ft, and 10ft long. Most often it takes several months to get them here. If these are attractive to you, I strongly suggest that you do not wait to buy. We have several units in stock and more on the way.

Call our office and we will do our best to supply your needs.